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Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast Implant / Breast Enlargement

Every woman wishes to remain young and wants to have her body to be projected as young. This can be achieved by cosmetic breast surgery. BREAST ENLARGEMENT and/or BREAST LIFT can make you look younger than your real age. Every woman wishes to wear deep neck dresses and to have attractive breast cleavage to project her image in the society at different stages. Every woman figure is unique. Aesthetically pleasing breasts in modern society are one that look balanced in relation to ribcage, hips, height and weight. In addition it has a softness to touch, sensation to feel and it moves with woman as part of her own body. Visible breasts occupy anatomic, functional, sexual, social and emotional niches in our culture. Surgery to reshape breasts, is just as important to someone; professionals, models, stage actresses and society women as the money they spend on their hair, make-up and clothes for their self esteem and self confidence. Today BREAST ENLARGEMENT is perfected to the optimum and is very easily, routinely performed, with the advent of HI-Tech silicone breast implants and advanced techniques of plastic surgery.

Breast Reduction

BREAST REDUCTION requires to correct various macromastia anomalies such as endocrine hypertrophy (large size or over-developed breast), virginal hypertrophy, obese hypertrophy, and involutional hypertrophy of breasts after pregnancy or that were adequate before pregnancy.