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Faciomaxillary Reconstructive Surgery

Some of the challenging cases treated by oral and Faciomaxillary Reconstructive surgeons are patients with acquired defects of the jaws following ablative tumour surgery or trauma to the oral and facial region. Without adequate maxillofacial reconstruction these patients often suffer from decreased quality of life related to impaired speech, mastication, deglutition, and esthetics. Maxillofacial reconstruction can range from bone grafting all the way to transplantation of bone with blood vessels (mircovascular free flap surgery) for larger complex defects.

After a functional reconstruction is complete the process of rehabilitating the oral cavity (replacement of lost teeth and gums) begins. Rehabilitation of oral function begins with inter-disciplinary planning with surgeons and prosthodontic specialists. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are uniquely qualified to manage patients through all stages of treatment from ablative resection, microvascular reconstruction, and finally dental implant placement for complete restoration of oral function.