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Hand Reconstructive Surgery

At La-diva, we perform surgeries that restore the patient’s function. For some patients, for instance, reconstruction may be required after a cancer operation. Others suffer dysfunction after a traumatic accident, such as a finger amputation. We offer a unique operation to restore the most important part of our hands: our fingers. A toe-to- hand transplant has emerged as a novel reconstructive technique with excellent results.

Incidents such as accidents and traumas are the main factor that makes it necessary to have hand replantation. The hand is one of the important parts of the human body. So, it is important to take good care of the hand whenever necessary. When you get your fractured, or severed human part, you should first wrap the hand in gauze and saturate with normal saline. The part or parts should be sealed in a plastic bag and placed on ice. It should be kept carefully and should not be allowed to freeze. The surgery should be done within 24 hours if the part is kept cold, if not surgery should be carried out within 9 hoursdepending on the injured part. Smaller digits may be done in longer time but thicker parts should be done within shorter time. The replantation procedure is done through different steps. The first step is to remove the damaged tissue carefully. After that, the bone ends will be trimmed and rejoined. Muscles, Veins, Artery tendons and nerves are stitched together. A free tissue transfer may be used to cover the uncovered nerves, joints and tendons. For which, a piece of tissue will be extracted from any other parts of the body. Delay in the treatment can permanently damage your hand’s functions. So, any fracture or injury should be reported to the doctor immediately.