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Nose Plastic Surgery or Rhinoplasty Surgery

'Nose job' or 'rhinoplasty' is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedure especially in the younger age group. Nose being the most prominent part of our body cannot go unnoticed. A pleasing nose in harmony with lips and chin is considered hallmark of one's beauty.

'Ideal nose' is that which suits your face the best and is in harmony with other facial features. Nose is divided into upper fixed root, middle dorsum or bridge and the lower moveable lobule or the tip region. All these regions of the nose are amiable to change. Thus a nose that is too big, very broad, with hump or prominent bridge, very long, drooping, broad, rounded or heavy tip, short, depressed or crooked, wide and flaring can be corrected and made more pleasing

Blocked nose with difficulty in breathing responds well to septum correction surgery or septo-rhinoplasty.